Why Fusion Energy is Important

The steady worldwide growth of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies are important steps in the global transition to a world that is completely powered by clean energy. Accelerated development of fusion power can make fusion play an important role in completing the global clean-energy transformation. Abundant, clean, safe and economical fusion energy will not only ensure the survival of the planet, it will also enable humanity to continue to

Fusion energy provides relatively compact, gigawatt-class, baseload power. This means that maximum power can be produced by the reactor 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fusion power does not require complicated energy storage and load-balancing techniques. Its fuel cost is near-zero – a 1-GW fusion power plant consumes only 0.1 Ton of deuterium and 0.3 Ton of lithium annually. Compared with nuclear fission, fusion energy has reduced weapon proliferation risk and does not have the issue of nuclear waste of present-day non-breeder type nuclear fission power plant. Fusion, together with wind, solar and other renewable green-energy technologies, will help ensure that the overall global demand for carbon-free energy will be met.