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HyperJet Fusion Corporation was established in 2017, following a merger with HyperV Technologies Corp. of Chantilly, Virginia U.S.A. The primary goal of HyperJet Fusion Corporation is the rapid development of a safe, clean and economical approach to utility scale fusion energy. Accelerated development of fusion energy will make it available as a major clean energy solution to the urgent global environmental problems of our time. Fusion is the ultimate form of green baseload power that uses a fuel with near-zero cost (deuterium from sea water and lithium, a common mineral) and minimal environmental impact. Unlike nuclear fission, fusion fuel has easily manageable short lived low-level radioactivity with no weapon proliferation concerns.

The fusion approach that HyperJet Fusion is developing has been previously known as Plasma-Jet driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion (PJMIF). Since hypersonic jets play a key role in the fusion scheme, we are renaming the fusion approach hyperjet fusion, hence the name of our company.

The formulation of the hyperjet fusion approach was guided by the lessons learned from decades of complex plasma physics and fusion energy research, and was directed at lowering the research, development and fusion reactor cost by up to two orders of magnitude of conventional fusion approaches currently being pursued, namely, steady-state magnetic confinement fusion (represented by the tokamak) and laser-driven inertial confinement fusion.

At the core of the hyperjet fusion approach is a spherical plasma shell (called a liner) that implodes and ignites a magnetized target plasma. The plasma liner is formed by the merging of a spherical array of plasma jets. The hyperjet fusion reactor is envisioned to be a 20-ft (7-m) diameter sphere arrayed with approximately 600 plasma guns which fire once a second. These plasma guns are robust and relatively inexpensive compared with the high-power lasers required for laser fusion, or the superconducting magnets, high-power neutral particle beams and the high-power microwave generators required for tokamak.

HyperJet Fusion Corporation inherited the tremendous experience and valuable scientific data from HyperV Technologies Corp. In addition to fusion energy, HyperJet plasma guns also have promising applications in the fields of precision metallic powder production, thermal spray, spacecraft propulsion and high energy density plasma (HEDP) research. HyperJet plasma guns can also be used to refuel the plasma in experimental tokamak fusion reactors as well as mitigate the destructive effects of plasma disruption events. Additionally, HyperJet plasma guns can be used to drive rotations in tokamaks and other plasma devices. In its effort to understand the complex science of plasmas, HyperJet Fusion Corporation has developed an array of unique high-performance diagnostic and data capture tools. This unique high performance HyperJet line of diagnostic and data capture tools are now also available for sale.