Industrial Applications

Precision Metallic Micron and Submicron Powders

HyperJet Fusion Corporation is developing a new process for making micron and sub-micron powders for powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing and advanced cleantech materials. Our plan is to modify a proprietary plasma jet technology derived from our fusion effort which has unique capabilities for producing micron and sub-micron powders.

Current industry micron powder production uses gas jets to atomize a molten stream of material. However, these methods suffer from a serious production deficiency which produces a wide distribution of powder grain sizes and poor grain sphericity.

Metallic powder is produced by atomizing molten metal streams using a hydro instability known as the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability. This is the same instability which produces ocean waves when wind blows over the surface of the ocean. Unfortunately, gas jets possess low dynamic pressure and low velocity shear. These factors combine to produce a broad distribution of wave numbers in the metal flow, resulting in a large range of powder sizes and poor sphericity.

Our proposed solution is to replace the gas jets with our proprietary contoured gap coaxial plasma gun technology. Our plasma gun produces higher dynamic pressure and higher velocity shear, resulting in smaller particles, and a narrower distribution of powder sizes.

The competitive advantages of our technology are the following:
  • We can “dial up” the size of the powder by adjusting the flow velocity and ram pressure of our plasma jets
  • We can produce powders with smaller sizes and greater sphericity

Precision Thermal Spray

HyperJet Fusion Corporation has developed high performance coaxial plasma guns for use in driving fusion energy reactions and precision metal powder production. Our coaxial plasma guns also have the following desirable performance characteristics for use in precision thermal spray applications.

  • Precise control of coatings
  • Ability to handle a wide range of coating materials
  • Robust cost effective technology