HyperV Technologies Corp. Merges with HyperJet Fusion Corporation

HyperJet Fusion Press Release

CHANTILLY October 17, 2017: Established in 2004 the privately held HyperV Technologies Corp. of Chantilly, Virginia, USA has begun the process of merging with HyperJet Fusion Corporation www.hyperjetfusion.com.  Dr. Y. C. Francis Thio will serve as the President and CEO of the new company called HyperJet Fusion Corporation. Dr. Thio is also the inventor of both Plasma Jet Driven Magneto Inertial Fusion (PJMIF) and the contour-gap coaxial plasma gun, a leading candidate for use as the PJMIF reactor plasma driver.  The fusion energy approach that HyperJet Fusion is developing has previously been known as Plasma-Jet driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion (PJMIF). Since hypersonic jets play a key role in the fusion scheme, the fusion approach is being renamed hyperjet fusion, hence the name of the company.

HyperJet Fusion Corporation will continue to build on the pioneering development efforts initiated by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and HyperV Technologies Corp. To date, hyperjet fusion research and development has been funded by NASA, DOE Office of Fusion Energy Sciences (FES), and the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). This investment represents nearly $28 million from the U.S. government. A private fusion energy investment fund called Strong Atomics is also providing seed investment funding to HyperJet Fusion Corporation. Additionally, the founder and President of HyperV Technologies Corp. Dr. F. Douglas Witherspoon, is now the Vice President and COO of HyperJet Fusion. This also includes the transfer of all personnel, facilities, equipment and intellectual property developed by HyperV Technologies Corp to HyperJet Fusion.

“HyperJet Fusion Corporation has inherited tremendous experience and valuable scientific data from the development of HyperV’s proprietary plasma gun technology. In addition to fusion energy, our plasma guns also have promising applications in the fields of micron and submicron metallic powder production, thermal spray, space propulsion (including fusion propulsion), and high energy density plasma  research” said Dr. Thio. The plasma guns can be used to refuel the plasma in experimental tokamak fusion reactors, as well as mitigate the destructive effects of plasma disruption events. They can also be used for driving rotations in tokamak and other plasma devices. As part of the effort to better understand the complex science of plasmas, an array of unique high performance diagnostic and data capture tools have been developed. This exclusive line of diagnostic and data capture tools is now also available for sale through HyperJet Fusion Corporation.

About HyperJet Fusion Corporation:

HyperJet Fusion Corporation was established in May of 2017 and is undergoing a merger with HyperV Technologies Corp. of Chantilly, Virginia U.S.A. The primary goal of HyperJet Fusion Corporation is the rapid development of a safe, clean and economical approach to utility scale fusion energy. HyperJet’s proprietary plasma guns also have promising near term industrial and plasma physics research applications. HyperJet Fusion Corporation has also developed an array of unique high performance diagnostic and data capture tools.  For more information please visit our website at: www.hyperjetfusion.com or contact Chris Faranetta at 1(703) 378-4882.