Developing a clean (carbon-free), safe and economical form of energy, with abundant, globally distributed fuel to serve humanity for tens of thousands of years: Fusion

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Our vision is to create a workplace for the best talent in science, engineering and business, who are passionate about creating a better world by the diverse and creative application of fusion reactions on earth and in space, and the technologies their development spawns.

Our Corporate Vision

Why Fusion Energy?

Fusion is the ultimate energy source.

By 2040, the world demand for electrical power is estimated to surpass 4,500 GW. A mere 2% replacement of this power annually by fusion power plants plus the annual growth in global energy demand will create a market size for fusion power plants of nearly half of a trillion dollars annually for decades.
Estimated global demand for clean safe economical electrical power of
~0.5 TW
by 2040
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HyperJet Fusion Corporation, its predecessor company HyperV Technologies Corp. as well as our research partners have been funded by a variety of government, and private funding sources.


HyperJet Fusion Corporation has assembled a world class team of research organizations and institutions to assist in the development of hyperjet fusion.

Spin Offs

In addition to its use as a fusion driver HyperJet Fusion Corporation’s proprietary plasma gun technology has several alternate industrial and space propulsion applications.

Space ApplicationsIndustrial Applications

The HyperJet Fusion Corporation technical library consists of scientific papers and presentations which were written by our distinguished technical team and many other colleagues.

Technical Library